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Welcome Message

Dr Suhail Suresh Abdullah


Malaysian Orthopaedic Association 2021 – 2022


The Malaysian Orthopaedic Association (MOA) has over the last 54 years been an exponent of the science, art and practice of Orthopaedic surgery and its allied health sciences in Malaysia. The Association’s executive committees have, over the years, successfully steered the national body to what it is now – a valued reference point to surgeons, allied health staff and the public on the standard practices and advancements in Orthopaedic surgery and care. I hope, as President, to continue serving you and the Association by carrying on the excellent work of my predecessors, while also moving with the times and further innovating our role in society.

The flagship educational event in the calendar of the MOA is our Annual Scientific Meeting. Every year our meeting grows larger, both in content and attendance. The format took a detour last year as we hosted a 5-day virtual conference to cater to the times. It was a marvellous feat and showed us that, despite the trying circumstances, education and fellowship could still press on. This time round, we will attempt to bridge last year’s format with something closer to what we are used to. It is my greatest pleasure to invite you to join this year’s hybrid meeting, the 51st MOA Annual Scientific Meeting, set to take place from 9th to 11th June 2022.


Prof Dr Tunku Kamarul Zaman Tunku Zainol Abidin

Organising Chairman

51st MOA ASM 2022


From our experience of our first virtual congress last year, the current conditions of the ongoing pandemic, albeit improving as it seems, have forced the MOA council to once again consider all options and to make the difficult decision to either hold the upcoming MOA Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) as another virtual meeting or the more traditional physical meeting format. After a long debate and weighing the risk & benefits, I am happy to announce that the MOA council has decided that the coming ASM will be held on the 9th to 11th June 2022; and it will be a HYBRID meeting where we will have the best of both worlds: an online and a physical meeting that will happen at the same time.

Whilst there may be concerns of the issues of a physical meeting, i.e. that physical presence may pose as a hazard, we made it our top priority to preserve everyone’s health and deliver Education & Training in a safe environment. For those who are still not comfortable with this, the virtual platform is here to provide a risk-free face-to-face experience for all.

The present pandemic has taught us how to adapt and make MOA more agile and versatile, and that it is our intention to make our meetings more educational and effective for the orthopaedic community. Having seen the number of lives lost in the pandemic and seeing that the most affected in their orthopaedic related health involves the elderly, this meeting have been planned with a theme that focuses on the areas related to ageing population. We are hoping to be able to address the issues caused due to the changes in the health of the elderly subsequent to the effects of COVID-19.



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